Monday, 15 July 2019

New investment sought as Car 12 is prepared for operation

We're very pleased to say that the skilled and supportive staff at Trailways have done a fantastic job turning ‘Car 12’ into a smart, adaptable and reliable railcar ready for use on any branch line. It needs to be tested on a suitable track, but there is no doubt in our mind that this could enter passenger transport service without delay.
With a modest additional investment we can settle all the costs of the Car 12 upgrade and by so doing gain all-but full ownership of a brand new rail vehicle - something rarely available for less than a seven figure sum. The strengthening of our balance sheet will enable us to invest futher in catalysing the development of light rail schemes across the UK - including one where Car 12 can carry its first passengers.
We are presently circulating the share offer document (click to download) primarily among existing members, but would welcome interest from other supporters of light rail. You should take seriously the notes regarding the risks and returns associated with investments such as this, and always seek independent advice before making any investment in full-risk shares.