Our services

We exist to help communities develop their own ultra-light rail systems. If that seems ambitious, consider how many have - through the efforts of a small group of volunteers - not got their own zero carbon power stations, farms and car clubs. Why not light rail?

To provide a step-by-step guide, we've produced these briefings:
You'll probably be able to guess which suits your situation best. We've also worked with Somerset Co-op Services CIC to develop a set of model rules for a community owned light rail project.

Our first objective is to provide affordable leasing of lightweight rolling stock, ready for use on any line.

Demonstrations - short term trial services need to be especially low in cost, and can start at as little as £2000.

Full service - once the concept is proven, new vehicles built for the specific application can be provided. A single railcar, for just 30 passengers, could cost just £3800 a month; or two railcars each carrying 120 people on a busier route would be £18,000 a month.

But that isn't the only thing community rail operations require.

Business planning and startup finance - we will provide short term risk lending to help develop the organisation and business plan for a new service. This could include recruiting and training staff, branding and publicity.

Depot and maintenance facilities - in many cases, a suitable depot and secure stage facility will not exist. We will provide lease finance for a depot of your specification.

In some cases, we may even act as operator ourselves to get a project off the ground.